Farmers say their crops have been impacted by the dry weather

This hot and dry weather is impacting farmers across the Capital Region.

Laura Ten Eyck is a manager at Indian Ladder Farms. She says when field crops like pumpkins and squash don’t get enough rain, it is hard for them to thrive.

Ten Eyck says they sell their field crops in the fall. She is worried that if things don’t change, they may not have enough crops to meet their needs for the fall harvest.

Indian Ladder Farms does have an irrigation system, but Ten Eyck says rainfall is still crucial.

“If we have enough rain, it keeps the plant stronger. Obviously they can grow and obviously the size of the plant is impacted by not getting enough water, it’s going to be small. Any fruit that it does produce is going to be small,” said Ten Eyck.

NewsChannel 13 touched base with Cornell Cooperative Extension in Rensselaer County. They say farms throughout the Capital Region farms have been impacted by this dry weather.