Fearless dog scares off curious bear in Chatham home

A curious bear made its way inside a Columbia County home – until the family dog and the homeowner acted quickly to kick the intruder out.

An incredible video shows the bear meandering into the Chatham backyard of Stephanie Behrens. Then it curiously strolls up onto the deck.

Behrens had left the back door to the deck open a crack so that her dog, Harper, could get outside. That’s when the black bear noticed the opening, seized the opportunity, and walked right into the kitchen unannounced, and uninvited. It then headed right for the dog’s food.

Harper sniffed out what was happening, scrambled into the kitchen, barked frantically, and scared off the intruder.

Behrens quickly came into the picture to slam the door and end the threat.

The bear wandered back into the woods – presumably to look for other necessities.

Learn about the changes Behrens said shes now making to her home so this doesnt happen again by watching the video.