FIRST ON 13: Former Warren County sheriff trying to reclaim old job

Former Warren County Sheriff Bud York wants his old job back.

The sheriff is mounting a write-in campaign to challenge incumbent sheriff Jim LaFarr, he told NewsChannel 13’s Mark Mulholland.

York served three terms as Warren County sheriff following 30 years with the New York State Police. He decided not to run again after his third term, but says he realized retirement isn’t for him.

He’s been serving as acting police chief in the city of Plattsburgh for the past year and a half.

York said he’s running again because in his words, “Jim LaFarr is spending county money like it’s his own bank account.”

LaFarr asked for a $19,000 raise last month, which York called “unconscionable,” saying LaFarr is already getting a pension for his service in the sheriff’s office and shouldn’t need a raise on top of his $120,000 salary.

LaFarr said competition is good and that his office provides the highest level of service to residents.

LaFarr went on to say, “we have improved our connection to the community.”