First on 13: Off-duty deputy facing indictment in Saratoga Springs shootout

As we told you first on 13 on Friday, there’s been an indictment in that big shootout in Saratoga Springs in November.

NewsChannel 13 reported that an arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday related to the November shooting. We’ve confirmed that Vito Caselnova, the off-duty Rutland County sheriff’s deputy, is the person who will be arraigned.

Caselnova, who lives in Glens Falls, was shot by Saratoga Springs police while he was involved in a shootout with men from the Utica area.  Police body camera video showed Caselnova refusing to drop his gun when police ordered him to.

His attorney has previously told NewsChannel 13 that Caselnova recovered from 10 bullet wounds and has been on leave from the sheriff’s office.

Caselnova will be formally charged in court on Tuesday.

It’s not clear if the others involved in the shooting, including a man from Utica who also opened fire, have been indicted.

A woman identified as Caselnova’s girlfriend was shot in the arm during the Broadway shootout. Cali Brown put the city of Saratoga Springs and the police department on notice that she plans to sue them.