Gaffney’s had a calm reopening in Saratoga Springs

Gaffney’s Restaurant and Bar in Saratoga Springs is open again. It was shut down for nearly two months after a string of violent incidents.

The bar held their reopening on Saturday.

Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino went to the bar Saturday with his wife. He says things remained calm the entire evening.

NewsChannel 13 also touched base with Saratoga Springs Police. They say things were quiet among the bars and restaurants near Caroline Street this past weekend.

Montagnino says the bar beefed up their security and is following the rules.

“We have a ten point memorandum of understanding that we entered into that became part of the agreement with the New York State Liquor Authority as well as an agreement with us for the issuance of their permit, and they are living up to their commitment,” said Montagnino.

NewsChannel 13 reached out to Gaffney’s to get their thoughts on the reopening. We haven’t heard back.