Group seeking to save Burdett Birth Center blasts St. Peter’s-commissioned report

Group dedicated to saving Burdett releases study

Group dedicated to saving Burdett releases study

A group dedicated to saving the Burdett Birth Center in Troy has released its own study about the effects a closure would have.

The Save Burdett Birth Center Coalition says that the closure would make an existing health care crisis even worse and expecting low-income women to travel to other hospitals is unrealistic.

The report by Chartis commissioned by St. Peter’s Health Partners suggested that vouchers be provided for women to take buses and taxis to other hospitals for emergency delivery services.  

Save Burdett says it is not a workable solution.

“Our own assessment reveals that the local EMS is already overwhelmed and cannot take on additional trips to out-of-town hospitals. Moreover, buses and taxis are not available throughout Rensselaer County and do not run 24 hours a day when they are available,” said Ashley Saupp, a spokesperson for the coalition.

The report released by St. Peter’s says that the maternity unit has been operating with growing losses annually. St. Peter’s says that it is delaying the closure of the center.

St. Peter’s is delaying the closure of the center to spring. It says it will be no later than June 30.