Group: Three harmful algal blooms found in Lake George

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Three harmful algal blooms were spotted last week in Lake George, according to the Lake George Association.

The blooms were discovered in Basin Bay, Huddle Bay and Oneida Bay, according to a news release. This is the first sighting of a harmful algal bloom, or HAB, in the northern basin of the lake.

The blooms are a greenish discoloration of the water due to large colonies of algae that develop because of an excessive amount of nutrients in the lake. This can be caused by runoff from lawn and garden fertilizers and also pet and wildlife waste, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.  

Researchers from The Jefferson Project spotted the blooms in the southern basin and LGA Water Quality Research Manager Brea Arvidson found the bloom near Hague.

Pictures of all three were sent to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

The Jefferson Project is analyzing samples of the blooms to determine if they are toxic. Previous HABs in Lake George have not been toxic.