Gun shop burglarized, guess what wasn’t taken

EASTON – The weekend burglary at Beecroft’s Shooters Supply on State Route 40 was quick, destructive, and deliberate, State Police said.

Someone drove a stolen SUV through the front wall of the business backwards, presumably to lessen the likelihood that there’d be front end damage to the car, which could have hindered their getaway, said police.

At about 7:30 a.m. Sunday, there probably wasn’t much – if any – traffic on the main thoroughfare through Easton. Because the homes are built so far apart, it’s unlikely anyone would have heard what must have been the very loud noise of a 2019 Kia Sportage crashing through the front of the building.

The car had been stolen from Schenectady prior to the burglary, State Police said. After viewing security footage, police also tell NewsChannel 13 multiple individuals got out of the car, stole merchandise, got back in the car, and then took off.

It is perplexing – but also a great deal of relief – for folks to find out after someone broke into a gun shop, there were no guns reported missing.

Two men broke into Calamity Jane’s in Kingsbury last October, and made off with 32 guns. Most have never been recovered.

A teenager was charged in April 2023 with stealing 14 handguns and several boxes of ammunition from Calamity Jane’s. Everything from that caper has since been recovered.

Because there were no firearms reported missing from Beecroft’s, the ATF is not involved in what will be an ongoing burglary investigation.

The stolen vehicle used during the Beecroft’s burglary had been recovered by early Monday afternoon, State Police said.