Gut-wrenching new details emerge in Princetown double-homicide

At least 44 shots in 30 seconds were fired inside 1155 Reynolds Road in Princetown last week, where a couple was shot to death. That’s according to investigators.

The victims are Alesia Wadsworth, 60, and her longtime boyfriend William Horwedel, 61.

Horwedel’s son, Jesse, a state trooper, said in Princetown Town Court late Monday night he heard the call for a deceased male at his father’s address, and rushed over.

He said once he got to the scene, he said “Please tell me that’s not my father.”

Trooper Horwedel said in court he right away feared the suspect, Nicholas Fiebka was involved.

He says his father’s girlfriend, Alesia, was trying to get a stay away order against Fiebka, her 19-year-old son.

State police investigators in court say Alesia Wadsworth was found face-down in the kitchen, by the dishwasher, which was open at the time. William Horwedel was found on the couch.

Also in court – a state police investigator says the Ring camera at the home spotted a man wearing a mask entering the home.

Investigators in court say they found that same mask when they searched Nicholas Fiebka’s apartment across Union College in Schenectady.

Fiebka is accused of admitting – while at the Schenectady County Jail – that he killed his mother.