Hot water issues still exist at Parkview Apartments

People who live at Parkview Apartments in Albany are still dealing with hot water issues. News Channel 13 has covered the story for weeks.
Dozens of people were displaced from their apartments back in early February after water got into the main electrical system.

The residents have been back the last few weeks, but many are upset with the hot water situation. Some say this issue has been going on well before they had to evacuate in early February.

News Channel 13 spoke to several residents who did not feel comfortable speaking on camera. However, many people say the hot water is inconsistent. One woman says it takes 45 minutes for her water to get hot.

Rick Lajoy is the Director of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance for the city of Albany. He says the apartment complex has been cited for insufficient hot water.

Lajoy says this issue has been going on for months. On Saturday, Jen Barone let us film inside her apartment. She says she has had hot water since Friday.

However, she says the last few days the water has been cold. She says there will be days where she has hot water and days where she does not have hot water.

News Channel 13 reached out to Parkview Apartments Management Saturday, but did not hear back. The station spoke to a manager a few weeks ago who says they were aware of the hot water issues and are working to have it fixed.

Lajoy says the owner of the apartment complex has hired an engineer to assess the entire system and will be submitting a report identifying the issues. Once the Buildings and Regulatory Compliance Department has the report, they will mandate they take the necessary corrective action.