Hudson woman grateful for income inheritance inspired by MLK’s dream

Tammy Bell loves talking about her grandchildren. She’d love it even more if their mom were around to see them, but her daughter, Patrice, passed away last summer.

Before she passed, she left her mom an inheritance. The money came from generous donors who wanted to help low-income people live a better life. They helped create what’s known as a universal basic income program – giving people $500 a month for five years.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proposed it over 50 years ago. He called it a guaranteed income.
Now programs like it are popping up across the country and people’s lives are changing.

The Hudson-Up Program has fewer restrictions than some of the other basic income programs. It allows recipients to pass the money on in the event they pass away – as in the case of Tammy’s daughter, Patrice.

Tammy says without the money, it would be harder to raise her grandchildren and she’s very grateful for the funds.

Believe it or not, Tammy says the money was a complete surprise. Learn more about that by watching the video of Elaine Houston’s story.