Kerosene shortage hits retailers and customers, but there are solutions

Home heating costs are expected to jump this winter, and there is one fuel that’s creating more pain at the pump than any other.

Customers have been left high and dry because of the kerosene shortage.

The war in Ukraine, a cut in foreign oil production, inflation, and supply chain issues have created a perfect storm that’s pushed the price of home heating fuels through the roof.

When it comes to kerosene, retailers are not asking how much, they’re asking how can we find it.

Family Danz Heating and Cooling have long prided itself on quality fuel delivery for every customer. However, this year, kerosene won’t be pumped out of their trucks and into your home tank.

“At this point, we are not going to be carrying kerosene. It’s $10. Nobody can afford that,” said Kerry Hoenig, with Family Danz.

Hoenig is not alone. Retailers across the Capital Region tell 13 Investigates their wells have run dry, and there is no kerosene to be found at any price.

The Port of Albany has not seen a shipment in months, and no one seems to know when it might come ashore.

Watch Tessa Bentulan’s story to see how kerosene – compared to other fuels – is pricey even before supplies dried up.