Brunswick Central superintendent truly in driver’s seat as school starts

The superintendent of the Brunswick Central School District says never would an educator imagine that one day you would just pick up and go home for a while and then when you came back, your whole career and whole skill set had changed.

For Dr. Angelina Maloney, her profession changed in a way no one would have ever thought.

Maloney is entering her 10th year as the superintendent of the Brunswick Central School District and has done just about every job you can do at a school.

During her first year, she told faculty that the one thing she had not tried was driving the school bus, but said before her career was over she intended to do just that.

If not for COVID, that prediction may have never come true. However, for Dr. Maloney, this was a time where there was no measure too desperate.

So before most people knew it, the superintendent was behind the wheel of a school bus.

Dr. Maloney is still pitching in on bus routes, although she admits she mostly leaves the buses that carry more than 60 students to the veteran bus driving crew. She’s also a certified EMT.