Lightning strikes Fulton County church’s steeple

People at Broadalbin Baptist Church in Fulton County were picking up the pieces to their building on Wednesday, after a lightning bolt struck the steeple on Tuesday night.

The bolt came through the ceiling of the sanctuary. The fact that nothing caught fire just one of many reasons why churchgoers said they consider what happened a miracle.

There were wooden splinters that littered the outside ground, and there were electronic devices inside that got fried and had to be tossed out. However, Pastor Dave Phillips believes a poignant biblical message was sent and received, referencing the Book of Jobe and how God says to Jobe, “When lightning strikes, you need to listen to my voice.”

This is actually not the first-time lightning has struck the church’s steeple.

Learn about a time when this happened in the 1800s by watching the video of Dan Levy’s story.