THREE YEARS LATER: Local parents reflect on how COVID impacted their children

This weekend marks three years since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

Life as we knew it changed. This includes the education system. Schools had to shut down nationwide, forcing students to learn at home.

Daniela Moore says it was initially tough for her daughter, Shaniah, who didn’t want to do virtual learning. She was able to do well, thanks to help from her parents.

Now Shaniah is an honor roll student in 6th grade. Moore says while her daughter is doing well in school, she still can be hesitant to do certain things.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Curry has a son named Manny, who is in the 4th grade. Manny was in the 1st grade during COVID. Curry says it was rough in the beginning. Curry had to go to dialysis first thing in the morning. He also had to make sure his son had a babysitter.

To make matters worse, his son had to adjust to virtual learning.

Curry said Manny struggled. Curry believed Manny wasn’t learning as well. However, three years later, he said his son is doing well in school.

He is relieved that things are back to normal.