Local reaction to Turkey’s deadly earthquakes

As the ‘death’ toll from the earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria surpasses 36,000 thousand people’ the Turkish community in the US is watching in horror.

Firat Karats, owner of the Grill Mediterranean Cuisine and Mega Istanbul Food Court said this past week has been heartbreaking.

On February 6th, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the border of Turkey and Syria killing thousands of civilians. “This is a big earthquake in our life, we have never seen before and we are shocked,” said Karats.

The death toll from last week’s earthquake has already surpassed Turkey’s deadliest earthquake, which was back in 1999.

Firat said he’s been in touch with his family and friends as he watched the catastrophic images from back home. At this time, he said the people need as much help as possible. “Especially right now, he said, right now they need help. They lose thousands of thousands of houses. We need all the governments, all the countries, all the cities mayors they just need support as a human being.”

Firat tells me he’s been living upstate for five months. He just opened his restaurant last month, but already he’s had customers coming in to give their condolences and share their support. “We’re grateful to be here, he said. People come in to say sorry and they’re sad.”

Firat said he hopes this deadly earthquake will unite and bring people together.