Looking back at the history of the Jaliek Rainwalker case

The details of the Jaliek Rainwalker case have captivated the Capital Region.

The 12-year-old boy was last seen in November 2007, and there’s been no sign of him since then.

On the night of Jaliek’s disappearance, police say he was with his adoptive father, Stephen Kerr, at a family home in Greenwich.

Kerr told police there was a drive from a foster family in Albany County, where he picked up Jaliek,
they also stopped at a Red Robin in Latham before heading back to Greenwich. Police scoured that area.

Over the years, the searches have not stopped.

There were helicopters following the hours and days since he first disappeared.

Police have searched the Hudson River.

Even in 2017, there was a partial skull found in Coxsackie, but it turned out not to be Jaliek’s remains.

There’s even been vigils held for Jaliek, so many people have come together to pray and keep the momentum going to continue to try and find him.

To this day, police say Kerr is still a person of interest in the case, but he’s never been arrested.
Kerr has denied any involvement, and so has his wife, Jocelyn McDonald.

This case is not only a big deal in the Capital Region, but it has gained national attention. The case was featured on the popular, “Crime Junkie” podcast last year.