Judge blasts killer convicted in death of Albany teenager

An Albany County judge had strong words for a convicted killer Friday, as he sent him away for 20 years to life in prison. Jahmere Manning was sentenced for shooting and killing an Albany teenager on May 3, 2021. He pled guilty in October to Forney’s murder.  

Forney, 18, was shot and killed on Essex Street. Police say Manning, 20, was shooting at another man, when Forney was hit. Manning is one of two men charged in connection with the shooting.

“I really don’t feel justice was served, because at the end of the day, he still gets to be on the streets when he returns,” said Shannon Forney, Chyna’s mother.

Chyna Forney’s family faced her killer in court on Friday. The graduating high school senior from Albany is remembered as a talented runner and dancer who worked hard to become manager at a local McDonald’s.

Her family says no plea deal could ever feel like justice for stealing her future, a statement echoed by Judge Roger McDonough — who dismissed manning’s brief apology.

“You mumbled out, ‘Well, I’m sorry for the family and I wish I could take the day back.’ That’s meaningless, sir, meaningless,” Judge McDonough said.

The judge did not mince words, addressing Manning directly.

“I hope you carry that same weight with you every single day that you serve of this sentence, and I’ll be long gone from the bench by the time you’re eligible for parole, but I’ll make my statement now because I won’t have an opportunity to contact the parole board at that time. I hope you serve every day of this sentence. Every day of this sentence,” he said.

McDonough took time to talk about the wave of murders in Albany, of which Forney’s was a part. He touched on the fact that Forney and Manning were both from the city and had attended the same school.

“You and people like you are destroying your own communities. Your victim, Ms. Forney, was someone you went to school with, you grew up with,” he said.

While Forney’s family says it felt good to hear that, the words could never make up for losing her.

“I’m just happy he manned up to what he did,” her mom said.

Another man, Alvin Foy, is also charged in Forney’s death, but has not yet entered a plea.

Manning also faces charges after he allegedly assaulted a deputy at the Albany County Jail in October. He is due in Colonie Town Court at a later date.