National Grid puts extra crews on standby

Because the snow could be heavy and wet, power outages are a concern. National Grid says it has a plan in place. The plan includes stand by crews in the areas that are expected to be the most impacted by the weather. 

There will also be an open line contact between National Grid and emergency crews to keep them updated.

Social media posts, text messages, and emails will keep customers updated with safety information.

National Grid is advising customers that once the storm passes to stay away from fallen trees and power lines, as they can create electricity and potentially harm you.

“We run drills throughout the year in case we see weather like this. It’s something we do around the clock – all the time. It’s something we eat, live and breathe,” said Patrick Stella, with National Grid. “We’ve been watching the weather for a couple of days. So we brought in extra crews…because we probably will need more than our normal contingent.”

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