New York’s gas tax suspension is set to expire soon

Drivers in New York could see higher gas prices next week, as the state’s gas tax suspension is set to expire at the end of the year.

A lawmaker says extending the suspension should be a top priority when they return to Albany.

It was on June 1, 2022, when the gas tax suspension took effect in the state. Drivers were saving about 16¢ a gallon. The suspension is set to expire on Jan,1, 2023.

NewsChannel 13 spoke to drivers in Menands. Many people say they would like to see lawmakers pass another gas tax extension. However, one man says he is indifferent on the issue.

“We can’t take it anymore. They need to cut down on this thing. We are asking the president to step in and do something about it. ‘Cause it’s killing us as small people, and we can’t take it anymore,” said Marston Telfer.

“For me, I’m lucky that that’s not make or break for the whole tank, but people who are driving an hour and a half to work every day and are commuting to, like, Hudson Valley or Lake George, might have a bit of a more of an opinion on that matter. For me, I work from home for the most part, and don’t do a whole lot of driving. So if it goes up, I’ll survive,” said Tyler Kluge.

Assemblyman Robert Smullen is hoping when lawmakers return to Albany, they can pass an extension.
He says if lawmakers are receiving a pay increase, they can work to provide relief to New Yorkers.