NY state readies 2,000 plow trucks for winter storm

Gov. Kathy Hochul noted on Thursday that Upstate New York is no stranger to big storms.

She says they don’t want anyone to feel unsafe or unprepared for this winter blast.

New York is bringing in resources from all over the state.

NewsChannel 13 is told there will be over 2,000 plow trucks, 61 tow plows, and 400 loaders.

There are over 4,000 personnel deployed. Even more utility workers on stand-by, ready to respond.

“When it’s this bitter cold, the scariest thing for a mom with little kids – it’s happened to me – is to be sitting there with no heat in your house in the middle of winter,” said Hochul.

She says she hopes this is the last big storm for the rest of the year.

That’s because it’s already been one for the record books with a major snow storm in Buffalo last month.