Woman recovering after Vermont bear attack

A woman in Vermont is recovering after being attacked by a black bear on Wednesday evening.

It happened on the property of the Stratton Mountain Ski Resort, when a woman opened her front door to let the dog out.

Vermont State Wildlife officials were called there Wednesday night. They were back again Thursday to continue their investigation, which included searching for the maternally protective, but overly aggressive bear. NewsChannel 13 is told they never found her.

According to Jaclyn Comeau, the Black Bear Project Coordinator for the Vermont Office of Fish and Wildlife, the female bear involved in this incident has been seen in this area for the last several weeks, with her three cubs, foraging for food.

She points out natural food forĀ  bears this fall has been scarce, and so they’re forced to seek an alternative food source — which turns out to be human food scraps.

Because of the bear’s natural food scarcity this fall, Comeau believes the bear in this incident, and others, will soon be entering their dens for hibernation, making bear encounters less likely over the winter.

The victim was treated at the Southwest Vermont Medical Center in Bennington, and released.

The dog was not hurt.