Two Gloversville women charged in connection with death of 73-year-old woman with special needs

Two Gloversville women are arrested in connection with the death of a woman with special needs

Two Gloversville women are charged in connection with the death of a woman with special needs-- a woman they were supposed to be caring for. Police say the victim was injured when she was left unsupervised in a wheelchair.

When 73-year-old Patricia Nicholls died last November, her obituary said she was a very affectionate person who enjoyed relaxing on the swing and pampering herself, and she leaves behind her loving Lexington ARC family.

In the overnight hours of October 28, 20-22, police were called for an unresponsive woman at a supervised living facility on Prospect Avenue in Gloversville.

They say they found Nicholls in a bedroom in cardiac arrest.

She was taken to the hospital, and died six days later.

Police immediately began an investigation, working with the Justice Center, which specializes in these cases.

“We allege that Ms. Nicholls was placed in a wheelchair left unsupervised which caused her to sustain injuries which restricted her circulation and led to cardiac arrest,” said Gloversville Police Detective Andrew Wilson, the lead detective on the case.

Two Gloversville women, both direct support aides, were arrested:

26-year-old Sarah Mango is facing a charge of criminally negligent homicide.

She and 22-year-old Jacquelyn Bayless are both charged with reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person, and falsifying business records.

“They’re alleged to have falsified records which would indicate how often Ms. Nicholls was checked on,” said Detective Wilson.

Police say they’re dedicated to protecting our most vulnerable.

“This case was troubling for us because families and others put a lot of trust into these facilities to take care of their loved ones, so when something like this happens, we take it very seriously,” said Wilson.

Both women were arraigned Monday morning in Gloversville City Court.

Jacquelyn Bayless remains in custody for several unrelated cases- on charges of criminal mischief and attempted assault.

Sarah Mango, who is charged with criminally negligent homicide, was released because police say her charges are not eligible for bail.

Justice Center Executive Director Denise Miranda said in a statement:

“The Justice Center has been working in close partnership with the Gloversville Police Department and the Fulton County District Attorney’s office to ensure justice and accountability for the death of Patricia Nicholls, Her senseless loss is a reminder that New Yorkers with special needs remain particularly vulnerable to abuse and neglect.  The Justice Center was created to protect people like Patricia, and it is our duty to make sure any staff member who commits these dangerous acts is held accountable.”