Police: Vermont toddler died while drunken dad fled

A Vermont man survived an alleged drunken driving crash over the weekend, only to see his young son die while fleeing the scene in the hectic aftermath.

Darrel Galorenzo’s blood alcohol level was .12% when he left his girlfriend’s house with their son last Friday night, investigators said.

Even though friends told him not to get in the car, he ignored them.

Galorenzo’s Subaru rolled over around 2 a.m. on Middle Road in Clarksburg, slamming into a utility pole.

Both Galorenzo and his 2-year-old son Trey initially walked away from the crash. However, while trying to flee police on foot, Galorenzo tried to cross the rapid flowing Hudson Brook, where his son slipped from his grip and drowned in the water, investigators said.

Several neighbors rushed out of their home near the creek to try and help.

None of them is soon likely to forget what happened that night.

Hear them describe the terrifying scene by watching the video of Dan Levys story.