Proposed homeless shelter for Saratoga Springs still has no location

A proposed new shelter for homeless people in Saratoga Springs remains without a home.
Shelters of Saratoga dropped its plan last week to build the shelter near Spa Catholic, after a petition citing safety concerns.

The city says it’s forming a group of people to decide where the shelter should be. The location that was dropped is not off the table.

The city is prepared to open a 24/7 shelter whether Shelters of Saratoga is part of that or not, Saratoga Springs Mayor Rom Kim said.

The director of Shelters of Saratoga, Duane Vaughn, said they are focused on moving forward with a Code Blue shelter for freezing temps at a different location. However, the mayor says the city needs a 24/7 shelter, because many people without a home currently sleep in the Woodlawn Garage. He’s asking a task force of locals to decide where to put it.

The meeting to discuss the next steps was happening on Thursday evening.