Tonko, Joy debate issues ranging from crime to childcare

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Paul Tonko faced off against Republican challenger Liz Joy in an hour-long debate Thursday night.

This was the only debate between the two candidates ahead of Election Day.

The first topic discussed was the rise in the cost of living. Tonko says he has worked to reduce Medicaid and health care costs. He also mentioned that he has worked to pass legislation to address gouging at the pump.

Joy says if she gets into office, the first thing she would do is make the United States energy independent again, which she claimed will drive down the cost of groceries.

She also said she was going to fight to make sure children are caught up in schools.

The two candidates disagreed on the Inflation Reduction Act.

The candidates also debates on crime and gun laws.

Joy says she was the victim of an assault back in 2018. She said tried to intervene to save a woman in an attempted murder. She supports conceal carry laws, stating that everyone should have the right to defend themselves. She said she would not infringe on the Second Amendment.

Tonko says he has neighbors who are gun owners. He has no problem with that, but believes there needs to be a ban on assault rifles.