Replica shackles sold in Vermont raise fears of spreading possible hate

Is hatred against Blacks on the rise? That’s what a Vermont chapter of the NAACP is wondering.

NewsChannel 13 spoke to the head of the Rutland, Vermont chapter, after frightened fairgoers at the Vermont State Fairgrounds sent them a disturbing photo of an item being sold there.
The item was used to oppress African Americans during slavery.

Even in a photograph, the image is offensive and alarming. A picture showing shackles, with the words “NEGRO WOMAN OR CHILD ONLY” and “PROPERTY OF GEORGETOWN COUNTY PLANTATION POLICE.” 
According to Alana Harte, VP of the Rutland, Vermont branch of the NAACP, they were being sold at a gun show recently at the Vermont State Fairgrounds.

Harte says they called fairground organizers to find out why a vendor was allowed to sell an item – with a connection to the country’s enslavement of African American people, but never heard back from anyone.

Initially, the items were thought to be original, but Harte says they are replicas.

Learn what Harte says her reaction was after finding that out by watching the video of Elaine Houston’s story.