Report: Alleged kidnapper’s ex-girlfriend believes he had financial motive

The ex-girlfriend of the man accused of kidnapping a 9-year-old girl believes that financial troubles may have been the reason for the crime.

The Daily Mail spoke with Amanda Preece, who was in a relationship with Craig N. Ross Jr. Preece said that Ross was aware that the family had received a large financial settlement in 1998 after a sledding accident that involved the girl’s father and grandfather.

NewsChannel 13 is no longer naming the girl to respect the family’s privacy.

The family was awarded about $2 million in a lawsuit stemming from an accident in which the grandfather and his son struck an object while at the town’s old gravel pit in 1989, according to an article in The Post-Star’s Oct. 12, 1998 newspaper.

The case took nearly seven years to resolve. Documents from Saratoga Supreme Court confirm the payments made to the family from the town.

The grandfather, who died in 2015, had a broken pelvis and spine fractures from the accident. The family also sued Albany Medical Center for the care he received.  

The British news site reported that Ross knew of the large aware of the family’s financial position. The ex-girlfriend said he had money difficulties.

Ross allegedly demanded $50,000 in a ransom note that police said he left in the mailbox of the girl’s family home.