Glenmont man, 101, believed to be last living Buffalo Soldier

Rev. Robert Dixon, 101, of Glenmont is believed to be the last living Buffalo Soldier.

The Buffalo Soldiers were African American soldiers who mainly served in the Western Frontier after the Civil War.

Dixon served in the Army during World War II.

He was also the longtime pastor of Mount Cavalry Baptist Church in Albany.

Dixon lives with his wife, Georgia Dixon. The two have been married for 49 years.

Dixon was stationed in West Point during World War II. He served in the military for five years.
As a Buffalo Soldier, he was responsible for training cadets how to ride horses.

He says that even though he was Black, he was treated fairly well because he was a Buffalo Solider.

He was known as a no nonsense pastor, always willing to give a helping hand.

He was proud to serve his country as a Buffalo Soldier.

He still goes to church on Sundays, unless it’s raining, or it’s too cold, said his wife.

She also tells NewsChannel 13 he still has a great sense of humor.