Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree heading to NYC from Queensbury

For years, when you would drive down Main Street in Queensbury, you may have spotted a big Norway spruce tree.

You’ll no longer find it there, as it’s now headed down to Manhattan to be featured as the 2022 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Crews were hard at work chopping the tree down Thursday morning as dozens of people watched.

The tree is estimated to be 85 to 95 years old and weighs 14 tons.

Erik Pauze, the head gardener at Rockefeller Center, he was heading down the road over the summer when the tree caught his eye.

Pauze got in contact with Neil Lebowitz. His family owns the property that the tree that sits on. Pauze told Lebowitz that they would like to have the tree for Rockefeller Center.

The tree is expected to arrive in Manhattan on Saturday morning, and it will be on display until mid-January.

The actual tree lighting will take place on Nov. 30.