Schumer demands railroad safety in Upstate NY

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is demanding answers from leading railroad companies to ensure they’re prepared to avoid disasters like what happened in East Palestine last month from occurring in New York.

The derailment in Ohio focuses a spotlight on the need for serious reforms in how railroads communicate with local communities, Schumer said, who noted railroad tracks often run right through residential areas and busy downtowns full of people.

He is concerned a chemical spill could be disastrous.

“Upstate is a hub for freight rail activity, a real hub. Our tracks regularly carry trains with hazardous materials. That’s a risk to our communities and these major rail companies have a responsibility if they’re going to carry this stuff to make sure New Yorkers are kept safe,” said Schumer.

Schumer has written a letter to Norfolk Southern and CSX, demanding the companies outline the steps they’re taking to improve rail safety to make sure a tragedy like the one in Ohio doesn’t happen again.