‘Seesaw’ school app accounts hacked

Candi Valigorsky woke up Wednesday morning when she logged into her Seesaw account and saw explicit images.

That was bad enough; however, when she saw the nasty comments other parents left, it went from bad to worse.

“I just feel like people look at you differently. I would never do something like that,” Valigorsky said.
Candi is one of the countless parents who use Seesaw to stay connected to her daughter’s teachers.
For its part, the Troy School District acted right away.

They sent out Facebook warnings stating Seesaw was hacked.

Candi says the school district was incredibly responsive. When we talked to them they answered as many questions as they could.

We reached out to seesaw for comment, but we couldn’t reach them.

Seesaw released a statement via their website stating this hack was nationwide.
In its statement, Seesaw denied that hackers had gained administrative access but had instead hacked “isolated” individual accounts.