Septic issues force 26 Halfmoon residents from apartments

HALFMOON – Twenty-six people at a Halfmoon apartment complex have been forced out of their homes after a septic system problem.

The people live at Duke’s Grove on Hudson River Road.

The septic system for those apartments is buried in a leach field directly across from the Hudson River.

During the heavy rainstorm Tuesday, this leach field was saturated and submerged beneath several thick inches of raw sewage. Town of Halfmoon officials declared the property uninhabitable.

Notices were placed on the outside of the buildings, and on every apartment door.

According to an email NewsChannel 13 received from Halfmoon’s building coordinator Richard Harris,

DEC tipped off the town in early August that there was a potentially failing septic system at this property.

Town inspectors discovered the two apartment buildings and a separate residence had been illegally connected to an undersized septic system.

The town says they’ve tried to work with the property owner, Donald Neddo, to remedy the problem, but that he has not fixed it.

Hear from a former veteran with multiple sclerosis who lives in the complex and isnt sure what to do next by watching the video of Dan Levys story.