Gloversville Code Blue shelter makes changes to better serve homeless

For the second winter season in a row, the city of Gloversville has had a Cold Blue shelter where homeless individuals can go. However, this winter, the shelter has made many changes to better accommodate the homeless population.

NewsChannel 13 visited the shelter back in March. At the time, the shelter was run by volunteers. If they didn’t have someone who could come in one night, they were not able to open. That is no longer the case.

Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless, also known as IPH, has four paid staff members. So, the shelter will be open any night until April 15. The city of Gloversville had to get permission from the Fulton County Board of Supervisors to apply for funding.

The Department of Social Services gave the city the go ahead, so they were able to apply for the grant to fund the program. In addition to the paid staff, there have been a lot of renovations since the shelter opened last winter.

Before, people had to sleep on cots. Now, there are beds. There is also a full kitchen, laundry facilities and a shower.

The city of Gloversville plans to apply for the grant again, so they can continue to have paid volunteers.