The Underground Railroad Education Center has plans to expand

The Underground Railroad Education Center in Albany has plans to expand. Organizers say the expansion will have a positive impact on the Arbor Hill neighborhood.

The museum is located in a house on Livingston Avenue. The co-founders of the center say they need to expand in order to offer additional programs to their visitors.

When you walk into the Underground Railroad Education Center, you will see pictures, artifacts and old newspaper articles.

The museum tells the story of Stephen and Harriet Myers. They were abolitionists who helped runaway slaves during the 1800s.

The current site is about 2,600 square feet. The goal is to build a new interpretive center adjacent to the current site. The new center would be a 13,000 square foot building.

There will be a library and a café, as well as office space. Shawn Hamlin is the architect for the project. The goal is to make the space open and inviting, he said.

The project costs roughly $8.5 million. Fundraising has already started. Pioneer is helping to jumpstart the project by providing a $75,000 loan.

The money is going towards a repurposed barn that will be put in the main lobby.

Leaders of the Underground Railroad Education Center say the interpretive center will help create jobs for people in the Arbor Hill neighborhood.

For more information on how you can donate to the fundraising efforts, call (518) 621-7793.