Trial in deadly Lake George motorcycle-pedestrian crash at standstill

The case of the motorcyclist accused of killing two people in Lake George is at a standstill.

Anthony Futia is accused of driving while high on drugs and alcohol and crashing into six pedestrians, killing two of them – Jamie Persons and Quinton Delgadillo, who was just 8 years old.

A Warren County grand jury indicted Futia on 13 counts on July 5, including aggravated vehicular homicide. However, the case hasn’t gone anywhere since, because attorneys need the minutes of the grand jury proceeding.

Futia’s attorney, Tucker Stanclift, needs the minutes to be able to prepare his defense. However, 13 Investigates has learned that the court stenographer who is responsible for recording every word, suffered a serious medical event and has been physically unable to transcribe her notes.

The court has to determine if the stenographer will be able to provide the minutes, or if the case will have to be re-presented to a grand jury.  Futia, who was seriously injured in the crash, is being held in the medical unit at Mohawk Correctional Facility in Rome.