Troy man’s family lineage inspires new path for life

When Jerry Ford was growing up in Florida, it didn’t look like he had much of a future. His grandmother took him, but he was separated from other siblings.

The eventual loss of his parents and the abject poverty that surrounded him sent him looking for love and acceptance from the wrong people. He ended up in prison. He wore that distinction like a badge of courage.

He eventually got out and then returned, but things were different this time.

With a baby on the way, he would have a family – but he knew he needed a partner. He needed God.  

He left Florida and came to Troy, where he invested in the community, running award-winning youth programs, had his image chosen for a census campaign, started a church, started an inspirational morning podcast and even got to meet President Obama on his visit to HVCC.

His life was changing, and it would get better when he was introduced to his great uncle, Jeremiah, at a retirement party for the 85-year-old man. Ford was stunned to see all the work done by this man in community, and he too was a pastor.

Ford saw for the first time that his purpose was connected to his lineage.

Learn about how that was just the beginning of his family discovery by watching the video of Elaine Houstons story.