Victims hit in pellet gun attack in Gloversville

Julie Vanhorne says she was riding her bike when suddenly she heard a pop and pain her back.

Immediately, she thought she had been shot by a gun. To her surprise, it was the pain from a pellet.

Julie says the person who shot her was a child around the age of 12.

Vanhorne is one of many victims in this possible attack.

Nicole Baurle told NewsChannel 13 her niece, Casey, got grazed on the side of the head as she was walking home.

Kristi Boop said her son was shot in the back coming from his Aunt’s house.

Each person was hit at the intersection of Bleeker and Grand Street.

The residents of Gloversville said the police department is dragging their feet to respond to these incidents.

NewsChannel 13 reached out to the Gloversville police spokesperson, Lt. Schaffer. He did not want to go on camera. He did tell us there is a detective working to find the person responsible.

There are no suspects in custody.