The Greater Good: Woman turns 109, Women’s History Month

There are plans right now for a huge birthday party. Margaret Riccardi turns 109 next week! She is a resident of Peregrine Senior Living at Shaker in Albany. Riccardi was born in Brooklyn in 1914. She earned her bachelors in 1972 and is an artist working on paintings and sculptures. She has two children, eight grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren. Her advice – enjoy life now – not later.

A big thanks to the 60 New York National Guard Airmen assigned to the 109th airlift wing in Scotia. They’re in the Canadian arctics right now, working on training exercises. The wing – based at the Stratton Air National Guard base – deployed two ski equipped aircraft and the 60 airmen to provide tactical airlift support. The 109th LC 130 Hercules planes are the largest ski-equipped aircraft in the world, capable of landing on ice and snow in polar environments.

The Albany Patroons kicks of its season this Friday, March 3. Kids 12 and younger can watch for free. The Patroons along with Capital Bank are starting the Kids in Free Program for the season. The patroons have back-to-back games Friday and Saturday against the Syracuse Stallions and the Lehigh Valley Legends at the Washington Avenue Armory.

March is Women’s History Month. First celebrated in 1981 as Women’s History Week, the celebration grew to an entire month. Many of the 45 women who work at NewsChannel 13 joined together for a group picture on Wednesday, celebrating our diversity and unique qualities.