Survey: Sexual health concerning men as they age

When it comes to men’s health as they age, a survey from Cleveland Clinic found sexual health is a big concern.

The survey found 44% of people polled are worried about erectile dysfunction, 39% with loss of sex drive and 36% with low testosterone.

Dr. Petar Bajic, a urologist with the Cleveland Clinic, says the survey had some other interesting findings as well, like more than half of men — about 58% — incorrectly think low testosterone is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction.

“In fact, most men who have erectile dysfunction, particularly over age 50, it’s much more likely to be a consequence of cardiovascular disease, like hardening and narrowing of the arteries. It can be due to diabetes and all sorts of different things. A relatively small percentage of men have low testosterone as the primary cause of their sexual issues,” said Bajic.

In addition, the majority of men polled incorrectly believe that they are more likely to get prostate cancer compared to any other cancer… Highlighting another reason why it’s so important for men to go in for routine checkups. The survey found 77% don’t know their family history when it comes to urological issues and 64% don’t know their family history when it comes to cancers.