Vaccines to consider in the fall

Flu and COVID-19 vaccines are a priority for many people as we head into fall, but there are other important vaccinations adults should remember as well.

Tetanus is one of them. Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic warn a simple cut or scrape can put adults at risk for tetanus infection if they don’t get a booster every 10 years. 

The bacteria that causes the infection are usually found in soil, dust and manure. 

A pneumonia vaccine is also recommended for adults 65 years and older.

Pneumonia can pose a serious risk for older adults and vaccinations can provide valuable protection.

Doctors also say adults 50 and older should get vaccinated against shingles, which causes a painful rash and can have lingering, painful effects.

“Patients that get shingles can have really, really severe, debilitating pain that can last a long time.

Sometimes even after we treat the shingles with medication, they can continue to have pain in that area for weeks, months, sometimes even years,” said Dr. Kruti Yagnik, with Cleveland Clinic.

The doctor says the shingles vaccine can help people fight off the infection and prevent them from getting it in the first place.