Saratoga Springs shop on mission to educate customers about whiskey

Drinking and learning about whiskey and spirits can be intimidating for some, but the owners of a new shop in Saratoga Springs are working to help everyone find their perfect pour.

First Fill Spirits opened in 2021 and has since made Saratoga a whiskey destination.

Owners Holly Seidewand and Charles Grabitzky both began with a simple passion for whiskey. Now it’s turned into a profession.

Unlike the average liquor store, you won’t find well-known brands at First Fill Spirits, but you will find smaller batch bottles the owners have handpicked.

They have worked hard to develop an atmosphere that caters to all customers – no matter their relationship with whiskey.

You can also find Seidewand and Grabitzky throughout the local community, partnering with fellow businesses for classes and pairings highlighting other local products.