Woman trades quest to be perfect for something more authentic

Shai Butler responded to challenges in her life for years by trying to be perfect.

On the outside, she seemed like a superwoman – earning a master’s and a doctorate. The truth was – she really wasn’t handling it at all.

Her ruse would exact even more destruction over the years as she turned to alcohol and drugs.
It all began to make sense in therapy. Wanting to be perfect had its roots in something that happened to her when she was just a kid. She had a baby at 13, and endured the shame of being a kid who had a kid.

Before she became pregnant, she was consumed by the loss of her beloved grandmother.
She thought trying to be perfect was a way to redeem herself. She was eventually able to forgive herself.

Now she’s written a book called “Better. Not Perfect,” and wants to help others exchange perfection for authenticity.

Hear more of her advice to help women going through similar struggles that she did by watching the video of Elaine Houstons story.

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