Women groped by suspect in Hudson

HUDSON — Hudson police said Monday morning at about 8:45 they got a call that a woman has been accosted by a man in his underwear.

“There was a woman on East Court Street that was accosted by a male wearing nothing but red shorts,” said Hudson Police Chief Edward Moore. “He physically touched her, groped her.”

Police say he also exposed himself.

Officers responded quickly, and minutes later, investigators say they saw him grab and fondle a postal worker on Union Street. The suspect was taken into custody.

Now, police are investigating if those incidents are related to an alarming stranger break-in in the area of Oakwood Boulevard that happened earlier that same morning.

“At 2:30 yesterday morning, a home was broken into up in the Boulevard area of the city of Hudson,” said Chief Moore. “Woman was accosted in her bed in her bedroom by a man matching the description.”

An officer is now with the 22-year-old suspect at the hospital.

Police say they were immediately assisted by a mental health team.

“It was a mobile crisis assessment team. It’s a new thing that we have here in the city of Hudson, fairly new,” said Chief Moore. “It’s trained professionals, social workers, people trained in this area to come arrive at the scene and use their professional skills to de-escalate a situation where someone’s in emotional distress.”

Police say the suspect is known to them and has pending criminal cases.

They have not released his name because he has not been charged, as he is being evaluated at the hospital.

“They’re pretty random attacks,” said Chief Moore. “This is generally very safe here, so this is an isolated incident. We’d like to think and hope that it doesn’t happen again.”