Troy Foundry Theatre finding ways to perform amid pandemic restrictions

Emily Burkhard
Updated: October 23, 2020 11:25 PM
Created: October 23, 2020 11:22 PM

TROY - Most live theater performances are still on hold due to pandemic restrictions, but one local theatre company found a way to work around them.

Friday night marked the world premiere of Troy Foundry Theatre’s “Models of Perfection.” Though it was originally written in 2017, members of TFT ultimately decided the perfect time to tell it is now.

“We’re sort of very comfortable with making the audience uncomfortable,” David Girard said.

Girard is the Artistic Director of TFT. He said for years the group has been putting on productions in untraditional locations, like backyards, garages and now parking lots. And locations aren't the only things that make TFT’s productions unique.

“Our work is definitely very challenging to audiences we tend to push the envelope,” Girard said. “We do have a very edgy style we are really interested in social issues that affect us on a daily basis, what's happening now. We tend to not announce full seasons because we want to be able to react to the current moment and certainly we are in the middle of a very current moment."

Gerard said that shared sentiment led them to revisit the piece, which was written by playwright Katie Pedro.

Pedro said she wrote it while completing a workshop wherein she was given a picture of someone else's family. The entire piece is based on that photo.

"This piece is really a lot about displacement what it means to be displaced, to lose things, to have things change for you,” Pedro said. "While I felt that in 2017 I think that across the board so many people are feeling that in really different ways."

That helped greatly in the collaborative process, which actor Angelique Powell called a change of pace compared to her past acting experiences.

"You do a lot of personal work right but it may not be what the director wants and your steered in a totally different direction,” Powell said. “And I've never been brought into a creative space where the onus was like do what you want with it. This is our story.”

Pedro had a similar take on what message she wants viewers to get out of the performance.

"I would like the audience to walk away with a lot of questions and I would like their walk to the car to be full of questions that they all had what did you think and that made me think of this,” Pedro said. “That to me is accessibility because you don't have to come in with anything and you don't have to leave with anything. That is up to you."

Friday night’s performance sold out, and Girard expects that to happen frequently because they only have capacity for 35 audience members. Members of the audience must also wear masks throughout the performance.

For more information on tickets visit Troy Foundry Theatre's website.

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