Capital Region’s outdoor workers try to stay cool on hot jobs

Those of us fortunate to be working in air-conditioned spaces might not realize just how hot it is outside.

For those who work outside, from early morning through the afternoon, they no doubt feel the heat, and have to cope with it.

If you were to put together a list of the jobs you would least likely want to do when the temperatures soar into the mid and upper 90s, chances are paving would be on the list.

NewsChannel 13 caught up with a work crew from Luizzi Asphalt Services in Coxsackie, paving a parking lot, dealing with steaming hot tar that comes out of the truck at 350 degrees.

We also stepped inside a food truck parked outside the state Capitol, where folks were lined up to purchase gyros from Greek on the Run.

Three people were working inside the truck, in a narrow space beside a griddle that sizzles at about 350 degrees.

See how they were all coping by watching the video of Dan Levys story.