Iconic Hollywood sign gets a make-over

The iconic Hollywood sign is looking brighter as it gets a fresh make-over ahead of its centennial.

Workers are using nearly 250 gallons of white paint and primer to spruce-up the beacon of the entertainment industry for its 100th anniversary.

“We’re pressure washing it. We’re grinding out rust areas. We’re priming it and then finally we’re painting it,” said Jeff Zarrinnam of the Hollywood Sign Trust.

The entire renovation effort will take up to 8 weeks. Originally, the sign read “Hollywoodland” to promote a land development in 1923.

But after decades of neglect, in 1978 the original dilapidated sign was replaced with a new one that simply read “Hollywood.”

Now, every ten years, the 45-foot-high sign is repainted due to its exposure to the elements.

“When people look at that Hollywood sign, I mean, it’s so powerful that they wantto touch it,” said Zarrinnam. “It’s now representing not only the place of Hollywood, but it signifies the entertainment industry and L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world.”