Trucking co-workers mourn victim killed in Wilton DWI crash

The victim killed when he was hit by an alleged drunken driver on the Northway in Wilton Thursday evening is Alex Bleickhardt, who worked for TowAway Towing & Recovery.

NewsChannel 13 is told tow truck drivers are a tight-knit community, and half of the staff took the day off Friday, while the other half decided to push through their pain. 

The president of TowAway, William Hafner, says Bleickhardt was more than an employee, he was family.

NewsChannel 13 walked in the office Friday, and it was very somber. However, Hafner says they want to share Bleickhardt’s story and talk about him, because they know that’s what he would have wanted.

Bleickhardt went on assignment Thursday night, just like he’d do any other night.

His boss says he was traveling back from a trip, coming up the Northway, when he noticed signs around Exit 15 & 16.

He made some calls and found out there was a breakdown between those exits.

He says his heart dropped when he heard about the crash, because he knew Bleickhardt was there with his tow truck to remove a disabled box truck.

Hafner says he called New York State Police and they confirmed his fears –  his good friend was killed. 

Bleickhardt’s dog, Moose, his trusted companion and constant road buddy, was with him as usual, but was not injured. He just sat inside the office Friday, staring at the door and perking up every time someone entered.

Hafner says this doesn’t just affect him & the rest of his staff, but truckers from other companies have also been by the office to give their well-wishes and condolences.

He says Thursday night, Bleickhardt did everything he was supposed to do, but was apparently the victim of a drunken driver.

Learn about how the truck drivers are planning to honor their friend by watching the video of Taniqua Pennix’s story.