Valuable collectibles bring armed guards, vaults

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The nondescript building in Delaware would probably not garner much attention if it weren’t for the razor wire and armed guards outside that hint at something important inside, possibly even valuable.

Fort Knox it is not — but the stash of collectibles the building holds is undoubtedly worthy of protection.

The building has no signage, and the company asked that any hint of its location not be divulged.

Inside is a technologically advanced facility with a guarded vault, equipped with seismic motion detectors that will sound the alarm should anyone try to jackhammer through walls.

To move from room to room, a security guard ushers you through a card-activated double door entry way, letting the first door close before passing through the next. There are surveillance cameras everywhere.

There’s a rare Pikachu card and a century-old one of baseball great Honus Wagner, which recently sold for $7.25 million in a private sale.

In addition to the trading cards, there are baseball bats and basketball shoes, including a pair of sneakers worn and signed by the late NBA great Kobe Bryant.

In all, $200 million in collectibles are stored in two vaults inside the building, equipped with some of the latest technology to keep the valuable cache safe from harm or thieves.