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HOOPERSVILLE, Md. (AP) — When it comes to buying houses, some people prefer a “light” touch — as in seeking lighthouses. And one being offered for sale by the federal government has sold at auction. The Hooper Island Lighthouse is in the Chesapeake Bay, in Maryland’s Dorchester County. At first it drew little interest, according to The Washington Post. But once five potential buyers got in the mix, the price rose from a starting bid of $15,000 to the winning bid of $192,000. The lighthouse sells with strings attached. For example, the new owners must keep it as a Coast Guard navigational aid, maintain it according to historic standards — and sign an agreement with the Navy about when it can be accessed.


PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C. (AP) — It’s said that love conquers all. And in this case, it was even able to overcome the effects of a hurricane. After Ian made landfall along the coast of the Carolinas, it seemed the wedding of Eric Lord and Monroe McCullough might not happen. But when Saturday arrived, so did a sparklingly beautiful day for a wedding. While the weather didn’t complicate the nuptials, logistics almost did. In the rush to get off a barrier island, some in the wedding party left their clothing behind and authorities wouldn’t let them go back for it. Eventually someone was able to ferry the wedding clothing and other gear back to the wedding party for the ceremony.

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